Cornelius Huson and Sarah Wing

Story by Fred Gahimer.

CORNELIUS (possibly CORNELIUS EDWARD) HUSON, born in Dutchess County New York, 30 October 1772, was the fifth son of THOMAS HUGHSON/HUSON born 1740. A legend passed down in this branch of the family concerns a son who fought on the American side in the Revolutionary War, while the father sided with the British. The two died only a few months or years apart. The split in the family that occurred during the War led to the name change from Hughson to Huson. While some of Cornelius’s brothers were Loyalists and migrated to Canada, CORNELIUS remained in New York and was “bound out” (apprenticed) to a blacksmith. It may be at this time he changed his name to Huson.

CORNELIUS and some of the members of his family appear to have shunned the U.S. census takers, for CORNELIUS cannot be identified with certainty in any but the 1800 census. He married about 1794, probably in Queensbury, Warren County, or possibly in Amenia or Northeast Township, Dutchess County, SARAH WING, born at Quaker Hill, Dutchess County, 5 December 1762, daughter of EDWARD WING, Jr. and his second wife HANNAH HOAG of the Nine Partners Patent. EDWARD WING, born 1727, was a son of EDWARD WING and SARAH TUCKER. HANNAH HOAG was a daughter of DAVID and KEZIAH HOAG. The Wing families were Quakers.

EDWARD and HANNAH (HOAG) WING moved from Nine Partners, Dutchess County, to Queensbury at Wing Falls, Warren County, in 1793. Many of the early settlers of Queensbury had come from Dutchess County and had known each other for years. Most were Quakers who were opposed to the Revolutionary War and took no part in it.

In 1800, CORNELIUS and his family (and possibly his younger brother John) were living in Half-Moon Township, Saratoga County, New York (close to the Hudson River north of Albany). By 1816 or earlier, CORNELIUS and his family had settled in North Collins, Erie County, New York. CORNELIUS died there, 24 March 1828, aged 55 years, 4 months and 24 days. SARAH lived later in Brant Township, Erie County, with her son Wing Huson. She died in Erie County, 24 July 1843 at age 80. Both she and Cornelius are buried in the Stickney/Huson Cemetery, halfway between Brant and North Collins, New York.


  1. Hannah (daughter), b.  Mar. 1792
  2. THOMAS EDWARD (son), b. 28 Mar. 1796 in Albany County, NY.
  3. Wing L. (son), b. 4 Nov. 1798 in Albany County, NY.
  4. Stephen T. (son), b. 1800 in Saratoga County, NY.
  5. Jane (daughter), b. 18 June 1801 in Saratoga County, NY.
  6. John Thompkins (son), b. 12 Feb. 1803 in New York State.
  7. Edward Hoag (son), b. circa 1806
  8. possibly others

They were listed in the census of 1800 in Saratoga County, New York, living in Half-Moon Township close to the Hudson River north of Albany.  In addition to CORNELIUS HUSTON (26-45, (28)) was a female (26-45), probably his wife Sarah (37), one male (16-26), unknown, two males (<10), probably Thomas (4) and Wing (1), and one female (<10), probably Hannah (8).

CORNELIUS (48) and SARAH (57) were farming in Queensbury, Warren County, New York in the 1820 census.  The others in the household were two males (16-26) and two females (16-26).  The males were probably sons John T. (17) and Edward Hoag (14?); and the females were probably their daughter Jane (19) and a boarder, the only other daughter Hannah having married about 1815.  Their neighbors were the families of Abraham, Jr., William, and Benjamin Wing, all 26-45 years of age, and probably nephews of Sarah.

Reported to be Cornelius Huson (father of Thomas Edward Huson and grandfather of Doc Huson). Cornelius Huson lived 1772 – 1828
Photo taken at W.W.Washburn, Artist, Cresco, IA

The above is another picture thought to be Cornelius Huson. This appears to resemble the man above. However, this seems unlikely as this picture was made by W. W. Washburn, Artist, Cresco, Iowa. There is no record of Cornelius ever being in Iowa and Cresco didn’t exist before April 1866 (Cornelius died 1828).


GALES & SEATON, 973.R2 ag v. 9
FHL 3/28/94


17 Congress, 1st Session
No. 594



Mr. Rhea made the following report:

The committee on Pensions and Revolutionary Claims, to whom was referred on the 19th ultimo, so much of the petition of Cornelius Huson as relates to a pension, have had the same under consideration, and submit the following report:

The petitioner states that while at Sackett's Harbor, in the year 1813, he, with his horses and sleigh, was impressed into the service of the United States by Jacob Tuckerman, then foragemaster in the said service, "to carry troops and loading for the use of the army from Sackett's Harbor to Gravelly Point;" that while in this service thus imposed upon him, "his horses and sleigh were utterly lost while passing over the ice on the lake, and himself desperately wounded by the breaking of his breastbone and several of his ribs."

The fact of impressment is satisfactorily proved.  The alleged fact of the petitioner's wounds rests on his own affidavit, and that of John Amringe.  The petitioner swears that "he received a wound from his sleigh on its plunging over the cakes of ice, which broke his breastbone and ribs on his right side, and occasioned the loss of the use of his right arm; and which wound for a short time totally disabled him, and deprived him of all sense and recollection."  John Amringe swears that he went from Albany to Sackett's Harbor in company with the said Huson; that while at the latter place both were pressed with their teams to carry loading to Gravelly Point; that the said Huson, "in performing this tour of duty, was wounded in his body by the operations of a sleigh, the ice being very bad and dangerous."  That the third day after the wound he (Amringe) "left Huson in such a situation that he supposed he would not live to see the next morning."

It also appears by the affidavit of Sebastian Visscher, who was appointed a commissioner by the district judge of New York to take the testimony of witnesses in relation to this subject, that the facts and the testimony forwarded to the War Office, and there lost or mislaid, necessary to support the petitioner's  claim, in the opinion of said commissioner, have been once proved,  and the testimony forwarded to the War Office, and there lost or mislaid.

It is also proved to the satisfaction of the committee that the petitioner's wound render him totally incapable of manual labor.

Although this case does not come within the provisions of the pension law, and although the committee are aware of the necessity of adhering in general to the principles of that law, yet in their opinion a case can hardly be conceived which has stronger claims on the justice of the country than the present.  The petitioner was compelled, against his will, to perform a service for his country, which no law but that of necessity can justify.  In the performance of this service he received wounds which disqualify him from all manual labor.  The Government cannot heal his wounds.  The least they can do is to afford him that support which his wounds (occasioned by an arbitrary act of theirs) disqualify him from acquiring by his own labor.  The committee, therefore, recommend that the said Huson be allowed a pension at the rate of $8 per month, to commence from the 3d day of December, 1821.

Source:  Edie Martin

A letter of John Thomas Huson indicated that his father, THOMAS EDWARD HUSON, came to Erie County, New York first, about 1816, and that CORNELIUS brought the rest of the family the following year.  That would have been 1817; but CORNELIUS and SARAH were still in Queensbury, Warren County in 1820, so it must have been in the early 1820s.  John also said in his letter that CORNELIUS took up land adjacent to that of John’s father, THOMAS, the land reportedly very close to the present Huson Cemetery just west of North Collins on the Brant-North Collins Road.  The Cemetery was originally named “Stickney” after one of the families nearby who may have donated the land; but the name was changed to Huson Cemetery, and a wrought iron gate was erected which at the top was, in large iron letters, “HUSON CEM,” and on top of the name was the date “1812”.

CORNELIUS died on March 24, 1828 at the age of 55 years, 4 months, and 24 days, and was the first person known to be buried in the Huson Cemetery.

It is thought that most of the Husons lived in the North Collins/Brant area during this period.  Two of CORNELIUS and SARAH’s sons, Wing L. and John T. Huson and some of their families are buried there also, including Wing’s son, Edward Wing Huson.  The names on the tombstones were all spelled Huson, including CORNELIUS.

On January 18, 1837, SARAH (WING) HUSON, THOMAS HUSON and his wife RHODA, Wing Huson and wife, Bartholomew Fields and wife Hannah, and Salma Hawley and wife sold 80 acres at T8 R9, part of Lot 11 for $1500 (Deed Bk L43, p350).  They had just bought it two months before on November 11, 1836.

After CORNELIUS’ death, SARAH lived with her son John T. and his wife Lydia until John died in 1835.  Then she lived with her son Wing and his family.  SARAH died on July 21, 1843, and was buried in the Huson Cemetery near North Collins.

File #11005 - Sarah Huson


The petition of Salma Hawley of the town of Brandt in the County of Erie, respectfully sheweth:  That Sarah Huson, late of the town of Brandt on or about the 3d day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty three being at that time an inhabitant of the county of Erie; that she died leaving a last will and testament, which is now produced in the Surrogate's Court of the said county of Erie, before the said Surrogate, which bears date the 14th day of July in the year of our Lord, 1842, and by which said last will and testament, the said deceased nominated and appointed your petitioner Salma Hawley sole executor thereof; that the said deceased died possessed of personal estate in the said county of Erie; and that the following named persons are all the next of kin of the said deceased; and their respective ages and places of residence are as follows, viz:

Thomas Huson who resides near Southport [now Kenosha] in the Territory of Wisconsin, a son of said deceased.  Hannah Fields, a daughter of said deceased & wife of Bartholomew Fields residing in Brandt aforesaid.  Jane Hawley another daughter of said deceased & wife of your petitioner residing in Brandt aforesaid.  Emma F. Huson, Mary Jane Huson, Edward W. Huson, Albert T. Huson, & Leander J. Huson children of Wing Huson deceased a son of said Sarah Huson, and all under the age of twenty one years & having no general guardian & all residing in said town of Brandt.

Your petitioner respectfully asks to have a special guardian or guardians appointed according to law for the purpose of taking care of the interests of said minors on the probate of said will and before you the said surrogate.

Your petitioner further sheweth, that he is desirous of having the said will admitted to probate, and of having letters testamentary granted thereon, and also of having the said will proved and recorded according to law, as a will of personal estate; and therefore prays that the same may be so proved and recorded as aforesaid, and that all such process and proceedings may be had and taken thereon, for that purpose, as are just and proper and as the law may require.  And your petitioner will ever pray, &c.

Dated, September 22d,1843         
Salma Hawley

On this 22d day of September, 1843, before me, the subscriber, came Salma Hawley, the petitioner named in the foregoing petition, and made oath that the matters set forth in the said petition are true, according to the best knowledge, information and belief of the said petitioner.

H. J. ?ow
Recorder of Buffalo

Source:  Edie Martin


Hannah Huson

Hannah Huson was born about March 1792 in New York.  She married Bartholomew Fields circa 1815, probably in Queensbury, where they were located during the 1820 census with their daughter, Delia (4).  Sometime during the next decade they moved to Evans in Erie County.  They were still there in the 1830 census along with their two daughters, Delia (14) and Minerva (5-10), and son, Nelson (<5).  An elderly woman (70-80) was also staying with them, possibly Bartholomew’s mother.  Farming nearby were the families of Wing and Anna Huson, Salmon and Jane (Huson) Hawley, John T. and Lydia Huson, and Henry Tucker.  Bartholomew and Hannah were still in Evans in 1836.  They have not been found in the 1840 census.

Prior to the 1850 census, they moved to Collins, Erie County, where Bartholomew (57) and Hannah (50) were farming with their daughter, Hannah Jane (10).  Their farm was valued in the census at $1,500.

Bartholomew’s will was drawn on July 8, 1852, which deeded real estate in T7 R8 L63 to Hannah:  Kerr’s Corners, Collins, 41/100 acre, “land I purchased from William Braham, 4 2/3 acres ” formerly owned by Patterson Kerr, 4 6/10 acres.  Bartholomew died the following month on August 13, 1852, at age 60 years, 5 months, and 13 days.  Hannah was the sole executor of his will; and it was  probated in 1856.  Hannah reportedly married a Barto(w) about 1853-56, and resided in Brant.

Children of Bartholomew Fields and Hannah:

  1. Delia P. – Born Aug 13, 1816. Married (unknown) Smith. Died Apr 26, 1842.
  2. Minerva – Married Benjamin Birdsall. Died before 1852
  3. Nelson H. – Married Elizabeth (unknown).
  4. Hannah Jane – Born circa 1840. Married George Koska about 1855.


THOMAS EDWARD HUSON born March 28, 1796, probably in Saratoga or Albany County, New York, is covered in detail in another topic. Follow this link.

Wing L. Huson

Wing L. Huson  was born January 4, 1799, probably in Half-Moon Township of Saratoga County, New York.  He married Anna Hart Cowles about 1824 in North Collins.  In the 1830 census, Wing (31) and Anna (27) were farming with a household of a man (30-40), son Seth C. (6), and daughters Emma F. (3) and Mary Jane (1).  Close neighbors were Wing’s siblings Jane and Salma Hawley, and John T. and Lydia Huson.  A little further away were Hannah and Bartholomew Fields.

Children of Wing and Anna:

  1. Seth Cowles, born Nov 26, 1824, North Collins; married Lydia Hilton; died Sep 10, 1843; 18y9m15d
  2. Emma Felicia, born Mar 17, 1827, North Collins; married Harmon Landon
  3. Mary Jane, born Sep 28, 1829, North Collins; married Steven T. Hussey
  4. Edward Wing, born 1832; died 1868 in Brant; married first Elizabeth (unknown), then Clara Barto(w).

Anna died on March 22, 1835 at the age of 32 years, 23 days, and was buried in the Huson Cemetery.  Wing married Lydia Taylor about 1835, and they resided in Brant.

Children of Wing and Lydia:

  1. Albert T., born 1837; married Mary Elizabeth (unknown); died after 1916
  2. Leander, born 1838; married Lucinda Hibbard
  3. Wing E., born 1842; died Oct 7, 1842

In the 1840 census of Brant, Wing had a total household of twelve people, three of which may have been a brother of his, age (40-50), and two of the brother’s sons, age (20-30).  His children: Seth (16), Emma (13), Mary Jane (10), Edward (8), Albert (3), and Leander (2) were at home, in addition to a 70-80 year old woman, probably his mother, Sarah (Wing) Huson (77), shortly before her death in 1843.  Their neighbors included his sisters’ families; Hannah and Salma Hawley, and Sarah and Shadrack Sherman as well as other relatives and friends as Henry, Enos, William, Samuel and Charles Tucker; Gilbert and other Stedwells; Elias Chapin; and Warren Hussey.

Wing died at the age of 43 years, 8 months, and 3 days, on August 7, 1842 in Brant, Erie County, New York, and was buried in the Huson Cemetery near his wife Anna.

At some time, Wing had purchased some land from Warren P. Hussey and his wife Sarah Jane.  Before his death, Wing had sold the property to Joseph Tabor of Easton, Washington County, New York for $840, taking back a mortgage.  His widow, Lydia, on December 20, 1844, deeded the property (Brant, north equal half of Lot 6 in Mile Block, 60 acres, bounded north by Lot 5, east by Lot 1, west by the Cattaraugus Creek, and south by the equal half of Lot 6.  Deed Bk. L77, p373) to the said Joseph Tabor.

In the 1850 census, Lydia (36) was still living in Brant, and owned real estate valued at $5,725.  Her household included two children of Anna’s; Mary (29) and Edward Wing (17); two of hers; Albert (13) and Leander (12); and her mother, Ann Taylor (61), of Maryland, widow of Enoch.  Although the family of Thomas and Rhoda Huson and others had gone to Wisconsin shortly after Wing’s death, Lydia still had Salma and Jane Hawley, Bartholomew and Hannah Fields, and the Enos Tucker families living nearby.

In the 1860 census, Lydia (43) was still farming in Brant, with her real estate now valued at $7,795.  In her household were son Albert (22), his wife Elizabeth (22), and Adam Rathbarn (13).  Lydia’s son Leander (22) was a neighbor, with his wife Lucinda (21), and a William Willane (13).  Jane and Salma Hawley had remained close neighbors, as had Gilbert Stedwell (76) and George (46), Eunice (37), and Content (35) Stedwell, probably Gilbert’s children.  Also in Gilbert’s household were boarders Clara Barto (16) a common school teacher, her brother Clarence Barto (10), and Clara’s second cousin and future husband Edward Wing Huson (26), a farm laborer and son of Wing Huson.  Gilbert Stedwell was prosperous, with his farm valued at $7950.

Lydia died at the age of 79 on February 4, 1892, and was buried near Wing and Anna in the Huson Cemetery just outside of North Collins.

Stephen T. Huson

Stephen T. Huson is believed to have been born around 1800 in Saratoga, New York. Nothing else is known about him.

Jane Huson

Jane Huson was born June 18, 1801 in Saratoga County, New York.  She married Salma Hawley, a farmer, on April 3, 1820, and resided in Evans, Erie County, New York.  In the 1830 census they were still living in Evans along with their children; Selina (8), Ira (6), Sarah (4), and Alonzo (2).  They were neighbors of her brothers, Wing Huson and John T. Huson.

In the 1840 census, Salma (44) and Jane (40) were living in Brant in Erie County with their children; Selina (18), Ira (16), Alonzo (12), John (10), Huldah (6), and Hannah (4). Their neighbors included her siblings’ families, Wing and Lydia Huson, and Sarah and Shadrack Sherman, as well as other relatives and friends such as Henry, Enos, William, Samuel and Charles Tucker; Gilbert and other Stedwells; Elias Chapin; and Warren Hussey.

In the 1850 census Salma (54) and Jane (49) were still living in Brant with children; Ira (26), Alonzo (22), John (18), Huldah (16), Hannah (14), and Salma (8).  Ira, Alonzo, and John were farming along with their father, and Salma owned real estate worth about $5,000.  They were still neighbors to Wing’s widow Lydia and the children, and Enos Tucker and Gilbert Stedwell, as well as many others.  Hannah and Bartholomew Fields were not far away in Collins.

In the 1860 census, Salma (65) was still living in Brant, but Jane was not listed.  Perhaps she was away visiting someone when the census was taken; or, her death date may be wrong and she died earlier.  In the household with Salma were son John (28) farming; S. L. (22) a female domestic [probably John’s wife]; son Salma B. (18) a domestic; H.J. (2) [probably John’s son]; and H. T. (1/2) [also probably John’s son].  Salma had real estate valued at $3,600.  Salma died in Brant on January 25, 1862, at age 65.  Jane reportedly died on May 7, 1868 in Brant.

Children of Salma Hawley and Jane:

  1. Selina – Born Nov 18, 1822. Married William Birdsall. Resided in Grand Rapids, MI
  2. Ira S. – Born Mar 13, 1824. Married Ann M. Kimball. Resided Perrysburg, NY
  3. Sarah W. – Born Nov 8, 1826. Married William Brown. Resided Evans, NY
  4. Alonzo M. – Born May 20, 1828 in Brant, NY.
  5. John Huson – Born Mar 29, 1832 in Erie Co., NY. Married 1st: Sarah D. Carrier, 2nd: Josephine P. Ackley. Was a farmer in North Collins, NY.
  6. Huldah A. – Born about 1834.
  7. Hannah M. – Born about 1836.
  8. Salma Bartholo – Born Aug 23, 1841.  Farmer in Grand Rapids, MI.

John Tompkins Huson

John Tompkins Huson was born on February 14, 1803 in Brant, Erie County, New York.  He married a Lydia L.

3/2/1827 Collins Quaker Meeting: women's meeting inform they have come to a conclusion to accept the acknowledgement of Lydia Huson with which this meeting unites


7/31/1828 Ibid.: women's meeting forwarded an essay of denial against Lydia Huson for being guilty of the sin of adultry which was approved and signed

In the 1830 census, John and Lydia were living in Evans in Erie County along with the families of Jane and Salma Hawley, Wing and Anna Huson, Hannah and Bartholomew Fields, Henry Tucker, and others.  Their household consisted of John (26), a female (20-30), (wife Lydia 22), two men (20-30), and an elderly woman (60-70), probably John’s mother, Sarah (Wing) Huson (67).

On August 21, 1832, John bought property described as T8 R9, part of Lot 11, Sub. A, 80 acres.  On January 23, 1833 he bought more property described as T7 R8, 50 acres, for $212.  And again on June 11, 1833 he bought another 80 acres in T8 R9, part of Lot 11, Sub. D.  All were bought from the Holland Land Company of Erie County.

John died on January 15, 1835 at the age of 31 years, 11 months, and 1 day in Brant, Erie County, New York.  He was buried in the Huson Cemetery.

John’s wife Lydia purchased property on October 22, 1835 described as T8 R9, part of Lot 1, 50 acres.

On December 14, 1836, SARAH (WING) HUSON, THOMAS HUSON and wife RHODA, Wing Huson and wife Lydia, Bartholomew Fields and wife Hannah, Salma Hawley and wife Jane (all except THOMAS were residents of Evans), sold property to Lydia Huson [widow of John T.] of Collins, T8 R9, part of Lot 1, 50 acres, in her possession now, for $300 (Deed Bk. L88, p190)

Lydia died on May 10, 1844 at age 36 years, 14 days and was buried near John in the Huson Cemetery.

Edward Hoag Huson

Edward Hoag Huson was reportedly born about 1806, but no trace of him has been found in the records, except possibly as the 16-26 year old male in the 1830 census of the family.