William Gahimer, Catherine Letherman, and Salome Hirtzel

Story contributed by Joe Gahimer based on information provided by Charlene (Gahimer) John and Fred Gahmer.

The cover photo was taken 1908 at William’s farm house. The house went to Ed in 1924 and burned down in 1945 (William had given farms to the rest of the children). In 2009, Helen Rice was living in the same location.

On porch L – R: John Gahimer, his wife Jennie, George Gahimer (son of William), his wife Addie Rader holding their son Howard Gahimer (b. Dec 1907), Augustus Gahimer “Guss” (son of William), his wife Margie (Anna Margaret Hauck), John Ritter, his wife Adeline Gahimer holding on to son Earl Ritter (b. Feb 1907), Sally Gruell, her husband Conrad Gahimer (son of William) holding Carl Gahimer (b. Jul 1908), Shirley McDaniel, her husband Julius Gahimer (son of William) holding their son Ross Gahimer (b. 1908) and Edward Gahimer (son of William). Roxie was not in this picture presumably because she wasn’t present (Ed married Roxie in Dec 1911).

Seated on porch L – R: Goldie Gahimer (daughter of Augustus b. May 1896), Virgil Gahimer (son of George b. Nov 1900), and William Gahimer

Seated on walk L – R: Albert Gahimer (son of John b. Dec 1898), Crystal (b. 1901), Julia Gahimer (daughter of Julius b. Sep 1905), Inez Gahimer (daughter of George b. 1904), Mary Gahimer (daughter of George b. Jan 1903), Chester Gahimer (son of George b. 1906), and Russell Ritter (son of Adeline b. Sep 1904)


Young William Gahimer

William Gahimer was the seventh child born to Johann Jacob and Maria Anne (DePrez) Gegenheimer. Johann and Maria had only been in America for 10 years when William was born on 3 Aug 1843.

In 1868, at the age of 25, William married Catherine Letherman, who was 17 years old. They had 5 children: Julius (b. 17 Feb 1870), Augustus (b. 20 Feb 1871), George (b. 8 Oct 1872), an infant that died at birth (4 Mar 1874), and John William (b. 1878).

For more information about William’s younger years, see this story.

While John William was still a baby, Catherine died (31 Jan 1979). Julius, the eldest child was only 8 years old. Catherine was buried in the Zion Evangelical Cemetery in Rush County, IN.

Later that year, on 25 Nov 1879, William married Salome Hirtzel, the daughter of Christian (a local farmer) and his wife Salome (Escher) Hirtzel. Both William and Salome were 36 years old.

For more information about Salome’s younger years, see this story.

William and Salome had 5 children: an infant that died at birth (b. 3 Jul 1880), Adeline Mary (b. 17 Jun 1881), Conrad Fredrick (b. 3 Sep 1882), Edward Richard (b. 6 Jan 1885), and William Reinhard (b. 23 Feb 1886). William Reinhard only lived half a year, and passed away on lived less than a year, dying on 30 Aug 1886.

Top L-R: William Gahimer, woman ?, woman ?, woman ?, Adeline Gahimer, Sallie Gruell Gahimer (Conrad’s wife), Salome Hirtzel Gahimer (William’s wife), woman ?, man ?, man ?, man ?, Man ?
Middle: Man ? with child ?, Ed Gahimer, man ?, woman ?, Conrad Gahimer holding Edna Gahimer, man ?, child ?, man ?
Bottom: woman ?, woman ?, child ?
Front: child ?, child ?, child ?, child ?, child ?, child ?, child ?, child ?, child ?, child ?,

Salome died 14 May 1903 at the age of 59 of blood poisoning after being ill for 2 days.

Adeline died on 19 Feb 1920 from jaundice at the age of 38. Augustus died 24 Nov 1922 at the age of 51.

Charlene Gahimer John (young girl on left), with her grandfather, William Gahimer, parents Ed and Roxie, and older siblings Maxine, Helen, and Richard in August 1924. This photo was taken less than 2 months before William passed away.

William lived to the age of 81. He died 30 Oct 1924, outliving two wives, and 5 of his 10 children.