Christian Hirtzel Jr. and Salome Beyer

Story by Fred Gahimer. Cover photo: Christian Hirtzel, Jr., and Salome Beyer

The history of the Hirtzel family has its beginnings in the mists of family legend.  Information from the New York Public Library indicates that the Hirtzel family originated in what is now the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland, where still exists a very small village bearing the family name.

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William Gahimer, Catherine Letherman, and Salome Hirtzel

Story contributed by Joe Gahimer based on information provided by Charlene (Gahimer) John and Fred Gahmer.

The cover photo was taken 1908 at William’s farm house. The house went to Ed in 1924 and burned down in 1945 (William had given farms to the rest of the children). In 2009, Helen Rice was living in the same location. Continue reading “William Gahimer, Catherine Letherman, and Salome Hirtzel”

Conrad “Coonie” Gahimer and Sallie Gruell

Story by Fred Gahimer, 11 Oct 2001. Cover photo is Conrad Gahimer and Sallie Gruell on their wedding day, August 21, 1907.

Conrad, son of William and Salome (Hirtzel) Gahimer, lived on a farm west of Manilla on the old Rushville Road in Union Township, Shelby County. It was originally owned by his grandfather Christian Hirtzel, and he purchased it after the death of his father. Continue reading “Conrad “Coonie” Gahimer and Sallie Gruell”